The famous Italian actor, Marcello Mastroianni, said that when he began his movie career, he invited parents to the cinema. His father was blind and mother was deaf. When Mastroianni appeared on the screen, his father asked wife:

– How does he look like?
And the mother asked her husband:
–  What he said?
And so throughout the whole movie.

Today, Mr. and Mrs. Mastroianni would watch movies in much more comfortable conditions. Because our company offers producers the most diverse solutions for implementing vision and sound, such as: image mixers and sound consoles, image control devices, vectoroscopes, communication systems, and for broadcasters additionally: graphic frames, logo inserts, recorders and broadcast players.

It is also the highest class electronic, electrical and electro-mechanical connectors: Coax, Twinax, Triax, BNC type cable and panel connectors, patch sockets, adapters. They ensure signal integrity for the most demanding applications on broadcasting markets. Just like our teleprompting systems in studios and newsrooms, whose monitor, cover and assembly fit all system and ENG cameras as well as compact configurations.

We offer all cable systems and products for audio, video and data transmission. These are: fiber optic cables, coaxial and copper cables for TV broadcasters and film studios, with polyethylene, halogen-free, fireproof, armored or stainless steel coating.

The latest technologies and the largest companies in the industry made our offer – reliable and compatible, and high rating of 4Vision is our highest professional satisfaction. The connection solutions we offer for professional audio, video and instrumentation systems has thousands of standard products and thousands of varieties, including matrix switchers and connectors for large-format broadcast transmission systems and professional audio recording.