Electronical service

Our service engineers still remember situation, when a great camera of the famous brand came to repair, it seems to be dead. Everything indicated that the cause was a motherboard or power module defect. After hardworking analyzes, after unfolding and folding the device, it turned out that the case is very simple – only… SXS card slot was damaged.

Unfortunately, not all devices can be repaired immediately. Our job is also a professional warranty and post-warranty service of all products offered by 4Vision, and the appropriate supervision of our specialists ensures the correct and long-term operation of the devices.

We offer repair of all electronic assemblies and components. We perform professional repairs of cameras, camcorders, recorders, video wall, mixers and monitors. We repair every type of studio electronics, including the most technologically advanced converters or computerized broadcasting systems.

Our service consists of a team of engineers and technicians with the highest professional qualifications. They have many years of experience in the production and service of all types of electronics, as well as thorough university of technology education and knowledge for performing specialized measurement calculations.

Contact with the electronical service:


+48 (22) 881 02 72 wew. 144

+48 601 560 604