Mechanical service

When the largest in Poland broadcast column Pedestal Vario tripod with 75 kg capacity was entering to our service at first time, it raised understandable interest not only of colleagues from the mechanical department. The repair turned out to be complicated, but as a result – huge satisfaction for both companies.

As one of the few companies in Poland, we service powerful broadcast tripods, used by large TV broadcasters. We also repair heads and standard tripods. We carry out inspections, repairs, we provide spare parts.

We have extensive experience in mechanical and electrical repairs: cameras, LED lighting systems, tripods, heads, rigs, dolly carts, adapters, poles, sliders, controllers. We service ballasts, batteries, chargers. We repair compendia, as well as all Steadicam sets.

The scope of repairs also includes accessories for television and movie production, such as: matte boxes, barndoor, filter holders, zoom drives and follow focus, power supplies, cables, as well as entire remote control systems.

Our area of activities also includes:

● launching and maintenance
● warranty and post-warranty service
● selection and sale of spare parts
● professional assessment of the condition of installations and devices
● technical support

Contact with the mechanical service:

+48 (22) 881 02 72 wew. 144

+48 601 560 604