Julius Machulski, popular Polish movie director, claims that movie is like a military operation: everything must be on time. On the first day on set, director calls experienced prop managers and asks if they know story about the tank:

– There was supposed to be a tank on set. The day before the pictures it turned out that tank has some issues, but there will be a motorcycle with a machine gun in the basket. On the day of shooting it turned out that there are two guys with a wheelbarrow. Except that one of them has time until 2 p.m. only.

We say with full responsibility that we solve all producer orders almost immediately. We work with leading and proven equipment manufacturers and are oriented in the latest technology. And even more so. Just like writer Stanislaw Lem, when he was asked by a journalist how future will look like, he replied: “It will be the same, only more”.

Voice in silent movie, then colour, then surround sound or 3D solutions were in movies history the same what digital film processing is today. Our cinematographic lenses simplify and increase the accuracy of the image capture and image processing. On the other hand, lenses for digital cameras, thanks to a wide range of focal lengths in a dozen or so different models, are above all excellent colour reproduction and high contrast.

Lenses, camera stabilization systems, lighting, including power supply and control equipment are not all. Our offer also includes mechanical, optical and electronic accessories for television and movie production, such as: matte boxes, barndoors, filter holders, zoom drives and follow focus, cages, power supplies, cables, rods components, shoulder rigs, arms and remote control systems as well as many, many spare parts.