Optical service

There are no difficult repairs – our service specialist say. Though the constantly changing a structure solutions of cameras and lenses and the fact, that each manufacturer designs and creates their devices in a completely different way.

Sometimes, there are no spare parts on the market for example for some lenses. Then we turn to our excellent partners: Fujinon, Cooke and Zeiss, who make the necessary parts especially for us.

There are no impossible repairs – our service technicians proves. We have specialized devices for testing, adjusting and regulating lenses. As one of the few companies in Poland, we have a projector and an optical bench for television lenses.

We also have a test projector – a unique device that allows an absolute assessment of the lens’s optics, it means that only the lens is checked, not a set of electronic components such as a matrix or other processor, which distorts the result of testing a specified and precise optical system.

Contact with the optical service:


+48 22 881 02 72 wew 145

+48 607 677 177