Sony Professional Japanese manufacturer of equipment for professional use: television, studio and reporter cameras, camcorders, video recorders, monitors, mixers, large screens, data carriers, recorders, cassettes, disks, memory cards as well as the XDCAM television image recording system and live production equipment.
Grass Valley American company offering solutions for broadcasters, producers and creators, including transmission, post-production and automation. It is also the widest choice of solutions for managing and monitoring audio and video signals from conversion to advanced functions such as motion compensation and automatic volume control.
Arri German manufacturer of television and film production equipment, such as Alexa cameras, lenses, camera stabilization systems and mechanical, electronic and optical accessories for cameras. Above all, however, professional lighting such as the famous SkyPanel and various headlights, including power and control equipment.
Fujinon Japanese concern offering professional optics for the film, broadcasting and production industry, specializing in the production of lenses as well as television and cinematographic lenses. It is famous for its advanced lens grinding and coating technologies that improve image quality in movies and television shows.
Zeiss German optics manufacturer, multiple Oscar winner. Cinematographic lenses simplify and increase the accuracy of the image capture and image processing. On the other hand, lenses for digital cameras, thanks to the wide range of focal lengths in 12 different models, are above all excellent colour reproduction and high contrast.
Tiffen American concern, multiple Oscar winner, also the owner of the brands: Steadicam, Lowel, Domke, and Zing. It offers: camera stabilizers, gimbals, lighting systems, controllers, mounts, tripods, dolly carts, accessories necessary for film and television production, as well as camera cases and bags. Has the world’s largest filter range.
Chrosziel German manufacturer of mechanical, optical and electronic accessories for television and film production, such as: matteboxes, barndors, filter holders, zoom drives and follow focus, as well as remote control systems and specialized test devices for servicing lenses and cameras.
Manfrotto Italian company offering over one thousand professional products, mainly tripods and the most advanced fluid heads (3-way, ball, with gearing, liquid), as well as LED lighting without flickering, monopods, sliders, controllers, clamps, arms, filters, backpacks, bags, suitcases and boxes for filmmakers.
Prosup Dutch producer of Camera Support equipment such as dollys, jibs and sliders, levelling heads and other car rigging gear. Known for lightweight solutions, all nicely packaged in pelicases. Manufacturer of the legendary Tango Roller.
ChyronHego American creator of television graphics and data visualization in real time. It offers a wide range of products and services for live television production as well as news, sports and weather programs. These solutions not only help to create, edit and share broadcast graphics, but operate on standard IT equipment.

KVM-TEC Austrian manufacturer of a wide range of extenders that enable: image, sound and signal transmission of peripheral devices (mouse, keyboard, touch screen). Extenders support 4K image in real time. The signal can be sent even over a distance of 160 km, without delay or loss of quality.

Switchcraft American supplier of connection solutions for professional audio, video and set systems. The basic production line has five thousand standard products and thousands of varieties, including matrix switchers and connectors for large-format broadcast transmission systems and professional audio recording.
Trompeter Electronics American designer and manufacturer of the highest class electronic, electrical and electro-mechanical connectors. The offer includes cable and panel connectors of the type Coax, Twinax, Triax, BNC, patch connectors, adapters. They provide signal integrity for the most demanding applications on broadcasting markets.
SiMedia Italian company creating world-class software for television management systems, including playback automation, computer newsroom system, television broadcast recorder, as well as tools for producing television on the internet. The systems are implemented as stand-alone solutions or integrated with existing broadcasting systems.
Sachtler German brand of the manufacturer of heads, tripods and tripod systems used in film and television productions. Its heaviest Pedestal broadcast tripods have a load capacity of up to 75 kg and weigh 55 kg. Specialist accessories such as rigs, dolly carts, adapters, poles, mounting plates for cameras and tripods are also on offer.
Movcam Chinese, appreciated manufacturer of hundreds of camera accessories (handles, cages, clamps, plates, rings, matteboxes), which bases its projects on military and aviation technology, using the best quality materials. The offer also includes broadcast monitors and wireless lens control systems.
LYNX Technik German company specializing in developing products for the professional sector and the broadcasting market. Especially modular end devices that are designed for stand-alone applications, but also larger studio installations with the unique ability to combine both systems into one coherent solution.
Beillen Chinese proven brand of the Jiade Energy Technology concern, specializing in the design and production of high-power batteries for mobile devices, such as a professional video camera. The BL-R and BL-X series battery packs in a small size offer a maximum load of 15 A and the largest capacity up to 250 Wh.
MTF Services British company, which includes popular brands in the film industry, such as: Blueshape, Dynacore, Kinotehnik and Samyang. It is famous for the world’s best lens adapters. It also offers a whole range of smaller broadcast transmission devices, including underwater camera housings, as well as cameras hidden in glasses, pens and buttons.
Indiestor British designer and developer of software for sharing network resources. Thanks to the intuitive management panel, these solutions are easy to use and simply to integrate with existing network infrastructure. The hardware platforms are certified by the software manufacturer and thus ensure system reliability.
Autocue American producer of solutions for the television industry. It has the widest range of teleprompters with software and hardware at any price. It also offers computer solutions for newsrooms and tripods, lighting, vision servers and professional monitors for broadcasters such as BBC, NBC and CNN.
Oxygen DCT British company belonging to the CVP Group. It offers over three thousand products and audiovisual solutions: from simple amplifiers and distributors, through all kinds of signal converters, to advanced tools for fiber optic transmission. Has its own line of LCD monitors.
XFormSystems German manufacturer of professional broadcast signal processing equipment. It is famous for the most technologically advanced converters, equipped with noise reduction, aspect ratio conversion, time code processing, colour correction, multiplexer and audio embedding.
Leader Japanese supplier of precision measuring devices for the broadcast industry. The company offers oscilloscopes, vectoroscopes, rasterizers, equipped with liquid crystal monitors for checking the quality of video and audio signals, and synchronizing signals generators, time code and various reference signals.
Trilogy Technologies British designer of software, infrastructure and hardware platforms that closely integrate computing resources, mass storage, networks and virtualization on one hardware platform. By hosting desktop PC computers and applications in the cloud, it provides secure access from any device or location.
Marshall Electronics American producer of professional audio and video technologies for broadcasters and film producers including studio sound. It provides modular solutions for cameras and LCD displays, as well as for multimedia products for system integrators. Manufactures OEM miniature lenses in the USA, China, Japan and North Korea.
Steadicam American brand of the Tiffen concern, dealing in the production and distribution of equipment supporting the work of cameramen. Steadicam is currently the world’s best professional camera stabilization system that allows to get fluid shots in extreme conditions. The offer also includes: arms, gimbals, vests and monopods.
Lawo German producer of innovative network, control, audio and video technologies for broadcast production and post-production, as well as live and theater programs. These are: control and monitoring systems, digital audio mixers, routers, video processing tools, as well as solutions for A/V infrastructure on IP protocol and routing systems.
Lowel American brand of the Tiffen concern, dealing in lighting and lighting equipment such as lamps, controllers, mounts and sets, which is used primarily in the work of operators of professional digital video cameras, as well as in film production. Also designs sets especially for studio production and video conferences.
Movie Tech German producer offering solutions for the entire media market: from movies and broadcasts to video equipment and studio equipment. The product range includes: cranes, camera taps, dolly carts, rigs, lighting systems, remote-controlled heads and numerous accessories. One of the best known products is the Magnum Dolly film trolley.
Noga Engineering Israeli producer of suspension and fastening systems used in television and film production. Although the original design was created for mechanical applications, it turned out to be sensational in the case of Magic Arm, allowing attachment and adjustment in 3 planes of the preview monitors on ENG cameras.
Blackmagic Design American producer of creative video technologies in post-production and television industry. The rich offer: professional film cameras, video mixers, disk recorders, computer video cards, miniature converters, 3G routers, scanners, standard and broadcast signal converters, video and audio monitoring and test equipment.
Litepanels British brand of the Vitec Group has introduced LED lighting for the television and film industry: from 1×1 LED panel to multi-colored lighting with special effects. He deals with the production of lighting in professional film and television studios, in sports and broadcasts programs as well as on movie plans.
Alpermann Velte Electronic Engineering German brand of the American concern Plura Broadcast, offering studio clocks, time code devices, production timers, studio clock systems for digital television programs and production environments. The company boasts that many broadcasters have been using its products continuously for over 40 years.
Monarch Innovative Technologies Indian provider of specialized software and hardware for virtual studies for broadcasters and video producers. The company offers a number of visual solutions for various productions and broadcasters, as well as post-production studies that have completely eliminated the process of building a physical kit.
Draka Italian company of the Prysmian Group in the industry of cable systems and products for audio, video and data transmission. These are: fiber optic cables, coaxial and copper cables for television broadcasters and film studios, with polyethylene, halogen-free, fireproof, armored or stainless steel coating.
Doteck Chinese proven producer of broadcast devices in the field of fiber optic transmission in 4K UHD. The offer includes the most technologically advanced devices: multimedia HD extension cable, AES / EBU digital audio transmission, encoder, embedder and de-embedder audio, converter, HD video splitter, splitter and others.
Gra-Vue Chinese proven brand of the GeFei concern with more than 300 broadcast stations and more than 1000 television channels realisations. Is developing on the IP solutions, IT device based, cloud-enabled, software-defined network and workflow for future television. Most of product have been certificated by RoHS, FCC, CE.
OConnor Engineering American company, awarded many times with an Oscar, is famous for its heads with smooth movement and intuitive setting. Also offer tripods and a wide range of accessories for cameras and lenses, such as: follow focus, mattebox, camera mount systems and mounting plates, rigs, brackets, sockets and adapters and spare parts.
Ronford-Baker Engineering British company, awarded many times with an Oscar, designs and manufactures fluid heads, tripods and accessories for film cameras. The Atlas series meets all the parameters required by the film industry: fluid, 180 degrees of inclination, variable drive also with slow gear, stepless counterweight and load capacity up to 50 kg.
Wooden Camera American company with a characteristic design, belonging to the Vitec Group. Designs and produces innovative accessories for film and television cameras: Arri, BM, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, RED and Sony. The offer includes: cages, follow focus, holders, matteboxes, power supplies, cables, rigs components, shoulder rigs, arms and spare parts.
Bubblebee Industries Danish company specializing in microphone covers for professional recordings in very difficult conditions. All of its products are tested for frequency and wind reduction at the Delta Technical-Audiological Laboratory in Denmark. The range of covers includes all types of microphones available in the world.
Luma Tech American company, one of two in the world, which provides professional operators with digital images in formats from 2K to 5K in the focal length range from 8 mm to 135 mm. For production, it uses the highest quality optical materials from Schott, Germany. Its flagship product is Illumina lenses for the film and digital industry.
LEN British manufacturer of engineering solutions for the broadcasting industry. Is a supplier of products for the distribution of 3G and HDTV signals, including miniature passive SD, HD and 3G distributors, filters, relays and cable simulators, which have become necessary in the work of engineers and producers of television programs around the world.
BEL Digital Audio British manufacturer provide broadcasters throughout the world with a comprehensive range of confidence monitors, audio synchronisation delays and audio format converters incorporating Dante, MIDI, SDI and AES solutions. The offer also includes special audio projects, mixing consoles, effect processors mounted in racks and samplers in recording studios.
Blueshape Italian brand providing complete solutions in the design and production of batteries and accessories, such as chargers and power plates for cameras. The offer also includes batteries for professional portable devices and software for monitoring and testing batteries, which are fully compliant with IATA aviation regulations.
BroaMan German manufacturer of highly professional and advanced products for broadcasters, manufacturing companies and professional AV integrators. It creates both simple converters with low power consumption, as well as complex routing networks and geat powerful fiber optic transmission systems designed specifically for client applications.
LMP Lux Media Plan German supplier of innovative serial digital solutions for the most demanding television, video and audio productions. It carries out individual orders for broadcasting corporations, specific film and broadcast productions in the field of converters, multiplexers or fiber optic transmissions.
Cooke Optics British company, awarded with an Oscar. Designs and manufactures lenses for the film industry, including the full spectrum of Primes and Zooms 35mm, digital and Super 16mm as well as a wide range of lenses for large format photos. It distributes in over 60 countries around the world and exports 90 percent of its production.
CueScript American company producing teleprompters, providing broadcasters with all possible solutions, which include in one system: conventional connectivity via USB and composite video or HD-SDI, as well as based on the IP protocol. The offer also includes configured accessories such as covers, balances, handles and mounts.
Avenger British brand of the Vitec Group offers a wide range of tripods, lighting controls and accessories for video sets for the film industry. Additional accessories complement the offer: clamps, handles, adapters, grips, arms and screens with a wide selection of reflecting, diffusing and light suppressing surfaces.
Gitzo French brand of the Vitec Group, known for monopods and tripods, whose construction is based on a modular system, and a 2-way fluid head for operators and documentalists. The offer includes numerous accessories such as: leveling systems, leg accessories, columns, adapters, arms and profiled bags and backpacks.
Joby American brand of the Vitec Group known for its characteristic Gorilla tripod design. It creates well-designed products on the market of accessories and parts for cameras and camcorders, including: mounting plates for cameras and tripods, grips, arms, connectors, cold feet, mounts, adapters, suction cups and clamps.
Vinten American manufacturer of a wide range of devices for television, studio and external cameras: from manual devices to robotic solutions. The offer includes fluid heads, tripods and film dolly carts with the unique Perfect Balance technology and specialized accessories such as cabling, adapters, rods as well as bags and suitcases.
Teradek American brand of the Vitec Group designs and produces high-performance video solutions for television, cinema and broadcasting applications. From wireless monitoring, colour correction and lens control to live streaming, SaaS solutions and IP video distribution. The industry-known RF structure provides 10-bit HDR image quality.
Anton Bauer American brand of the Vitec Group, awarded with an Oscar. It is recognized as a global innovator and a leading supplier of battery power for the professional broadcasting industry, digital cinema and video transmission. The offer includes: v-mount and gold-mout batteries, chargers, power supplies and mobile power systems.
Paralinx American brand of the Vitec Group offers professional and inexpensive wireless HD video transmission solutions, compatible with all cameras and monitors. The offer includes: transmitters and receivers, antennas, battery mounting plates, bags, mounts, power and video transmission cables, remote controls and converters.
Autoscript British brand of the Vitec Group, specializing only in the design and production of teleprompting systems that are used in studios and newsrooms, during conferences and presentations. The monitor, cover and mounting assembly fit all system and ENG cameras as well as compact configurations.
SmallHD American brand of the Vitec Group specializing in the design and production of professional monitors. They have the highest quality OLED and LCD technology as well as intuitive user interfaces. The offer includes: broadcast, camera and remote controlled monitors, as well as numerous specialized accessories.
Lowepro Italian brand of the Vitec Group specializing in the production of backpacks, cases and bags. They protect the camera or lens against impact, rain, snow, dust and sand, and are waterproof. Harness systems, shoulder straps, lap belts and adjustment points ensure long-lasting comfort.
Prompter People American company designs and manufactures innovative teleprompters for every professional, as well as special for specific applications, such as robotic, portable and floor-standing cameras. Their common feature is compatibility with every tripod. Along with monitor, the company provides software for both Mac and PC.
Transvideo French company designing and producing flat screen monitors and LCD monitors in HDTV and 3D technology. The offer also includes: accessories supporting video transmission, format converters, wireless video transmission systems for HD and SD formats as well as accessories for cameras and digital cinematography.