Stanley Kubrick for the film “2001: Odyssey” received the only Oscar in his career – for the development of visual effects. Photos started in 1968 lasted almost three years, and the impatient head of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer label at some point asked the director if the title of 2001, which is appearing in the title, is not supposed to be the year of the film’s premiere.

However, our clients do not have to hurry. Most of them are award-winning filmmakers, famous directors, well-known operators, producers, editors, sound engineers – in a word – outstanding specialists.

After completing photos and sound recordings, they can be carefully selected in a wide range of equipment: for editing, sound processing, graphics, special effects and more. Their individual orders and our chosen proposal make up a special offer of devices that help to assemble and properly process the recorded material. Their high rating of 4Vision is our highest professional satisfaction.