Projects and installations

Stanislawa Celinska, one of the most popular actresses in Poland, once filmed an episode with Oscar winner Andrzej Wajda and the director said:

– In this scene you will be reading a book.
– What for? – the actress asked.
– You ask what for? – Wajda replied. – If you play the episode, then people will ask which one is Celinska? Then we answer: Which one? The one who read the book.

In the movie, both the episode and the main role count. As in our company: from making a single cable with a custom plug, through the modernization of existing installations to complete projects, including the creation of whole television’s studio.

We make structural Ethernet installations in both copper and fiber optic technology. We design lighting installations for every studio size – from the design of the placement of the headlights, through their suspension systems, as well as cyclams, backgrounds and blue boxes.

We design and make unusual multimedia, power and control solutions, from VGA cabling to HDMI, as well as sound studio installations – from simple listening solutions to multi-channel and sound systems.

Our company offers a range of visual solutions for various productions and broadcasters, as well as post-production studies that have completely eliminated the process of building a physical kit. We will provide all specialized software and devices for virtual studios for broadcasters and video producers.

Honesty, teamwork, and passion for creation – these are the basic values ​​of our partner companies. We are trying to do the same thing every day.